Supra Skytop ‘Magenta’ & Cruizer ‘Grape’ @ Factory 413

supra_skytop_magenta_cruizer_grape Supra Skytop Magenta & Cruizer Grape @ Factory 413Back in December, we showed you the Cruizer ‘Grape’. Supra recently released the shoe along with the Skytop ‘Magenta’. Both are now available at Factory 413.

pic and info: Factory 413


Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

kikstyo_shanadoo_yuko_ishida_tees Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

Kikstyo have designed two new tees depicting scantily clad chicks rocking sneakers. One features R&B group, Shanadoo, while the other is of Yuko Ishida. Both tees are now available for pre-order until February 1st through Kikstyo’s online shop.

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kikstyo_shanadoo_tee_01 Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

kikstyo_shanadoo_tee_02 Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

kikstyo_shanadoo_tee_03 Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

kikstyo_yuko_ishida_tee_01 Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

kikstyo_yuko_ishida_tee_02 Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

kikstyo_yuko_ishida_tee_03 Shanadoo | Yuko Ishida x Kikstyo Tees

pic and info: Kikstyo

Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_00 Conart Tees @ Overkill

Started back in 1989, Conart was one of the first streetwear brands with a focus on hip-hop and graffiti. They recently relaunched the brand, and have started releasing many of their original designs on tees again. Conart is now available at Berlin-based retailer, Overkill.

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conart_tee_01 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_02 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_03 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_04 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_05 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_06 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_07 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_08 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_09 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_10 Conart Tees @ Overkill

conart_tee_11 Conart Tees @ Overkill

pic and info: Overkill

Supreme 2009 Spring/Summer Mesh Cap

supreme-highly-decorated-mesh-cap-00 Supreme 2009 Spring/Summer Mesh Cap

Supreme give a look into a new Navy inspired mesh cap from their Spring/Summer season. The cap features interesting gold leaf embroidery on the bill with a two-tone platform and contrast stitching. Look for these to release at Supreme locations sometime soon.

Source: Sense

Nike Womens Dunk Skinny Super High

Nike Womens Dunk Skinny Super High

Following up the introduction of the Nike Womens Skinny Dunk High is another take on the classic tailored for the ladies. The new Dunk Skinny Super High features the iconic silhouette made thinner and higher than before. However, the newly designed sneakers sport a similar look to the Destroyer Dunk High Pack which consists of a patent leather gradient upper that fades from light to dark. All three are now available at

Nike Womens Dunk Skinny Super High

Nike Womens Dunk Skinny Super High

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The Attic - Buena Park, CA

Located right around the corner from the thrills of theme park Knotts Berry Farm, The Attic is also filled with 8,000 square feet of excitement. The Southern California based retailer is home to some of the finest sneaker and apparel brands including Air Jordan, Alife, Nike Quickstrike, Reebok, Creative Recreation, and much more. The Attic is decorated in a warm decor that creates the feel of a real attic, but also has an old school feel with its vintage sports posters plastered on the walls. You can find just about everything and anything at The Attic and is not limited to just clothes and shoes, try on a pair of shades or buy a nice watch. However, the most interesting thing found in the store is the revolving Air Jordans on the conveyor belt which is a sight to be seen. Be sure to check out the flyer for the sale starting tomorrow online at the end of the jump. Click here for updates and to see what’s the latest at The Attic.

8010 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 236-0605

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

The Attic - Buena Park, CA

Cassette Playa Spring/Summer 2009 “These Colours DN’T Run” Collection

The new Cassette Playa Spring/Summer 2009 Collection is about to be released in stores worldwide. As usual the line uses a lot of color, bold imagery and unusual graphics.

“Pagan rites and football fights.

ig·ne·ous (gn-s) adj.

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of fire of or like fire [Latin ignis fire]

The UK is built from a warrior race, of straight talking, drinkers + fighters. Cassette playa SS09 explores what it means to be British in 2009. From megalithic Britain = pagan knowledge and druid rituals, to the new tribes = football firms + gang culture; council estates, essex mansions, and organized violence.

Prints + embroidery are built from video stills, marble (graves + temples), granite (granite is naturally radioactive;), gif + black metal text; Plus cult CP symbols and faces in CGI wood, stone, chrome + flame.

This season Cassetteplaya reins rite true immortal.

“These colors dnt run !! ” Via Carrie Munden.

Have a look at the complete Cassette Playa Spring/Summer 2009 Lookbook after the jump.

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