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Paint tee


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I Kill Hype


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From -The Bay Area (MY HOME =])

Currently resides -all over the world.

Occupation-International Hustler


Macrina is a creative visionary and a positive thinker.

* Owner  of Hype Beauty
*Managing Art, dance, fashion & music
* conceptual strategist, designer of her own style.
* Using fashion as the platform to change lives and inspire others to achieve her freshness
* Limitless in Life and Style

Vibe Magazine,No More…

VIBE Magazine   Ending Business Immediately

It seems like its the Death of another Iconic factor in the music bizz VIBE. Vibe magazine has announced that they would officially close the doors to Vibe today. The closure was due to the lack advertising revenue in the tough economic time.

The magazine was originally established by legendary producer Quincy Jones and Time Warner in 1992.  Thanks to Miss Info for the heads-up, who was at one time a contributor for the magazine.  VIBE Magazin

Nike Fall 2009 Dunk Hi

nike dunk hi premium fall 2009

This fall season of Dunks Hi are looking better than ever, Nike have use new patterns designs new colors and new materiel.With colors suitable for everyone . Here’s just a sample before they  drop this fall.

Taz Arnold Unfashionable Dressed

Taz Manian Rebel
by Regine Zamor
Photography by Jeff Forney


His mama and Kanye share the same birthday, he’s the father to two young boys and a Cancer who couldn’t give a shit about fashion. “My job is to destroy people with creativity and style, which actually doesn’t destroy but inspires them. That’s my job.” One third of the music collective Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Taz Arnold has been unfashionable for some time now. “It’s not that deep,” the South Central LA native casually emits with a cool West Coast tone. “I’m into style and art. I’m a creative person, and I’m into the science of what creativity is.”

So, who is Taz Arnold? “One of the most famous ‘boosters’ of Polo since the ‘80s, since I was a kid in high school. I’m known in New York, Detroit, Florida, Dallas, and I’m known from ‘boosting’ clothes for my collection. That’s how people know me. I was always beyond being interested in fashion.”

And then there’s a kind of honesty about him that you can relate to – the other side of Taz. “I was given half a tab of LSD when I was 3-years-old, but I grew up my whole life never drinking alcohol or doing drugs until like three years ago. I think that’s the reason: to start my life with an open mind.”

Whether he’s rocking black wings, leopard pants, cowboy boots or eight Gucci belts, Taz Arnold has had an open mind since way back. That open mind has manifested into Sa-Ra Creative Partners and, more recently, into his clothing line TISA Vision. Digesting a new level of creativity with the TISA brand, Arnold now has a platform where he is part designer and part consultant, sharing his philosophy and art with the likes of MCM, Pastelle (Kanye West’s upcoming line) and others.

It wouldn’t be just to label Taz as a fashion head. In fact, it would be the biggest lie we could tell you and a misrepresentation of the man. Instead, swallow the fact that Taz is a seeker, maybe even a seer, who was raised with pyramids and rainbows in his home, five minutes away from the beach. Among the infamous gang wars in South Central, Arnold grew up in the belly of LA’s style wars. “The majority of the people who lived in LA while I was a kid growing up dressed how I dress right now. That’s a part of LA’s culture that has never been exposed.” Taz continues in his style battles with a new angle: he’s claiming the rainbow and “officially taking it back.”

“A rainbow and color is natural and has nothing to do with someone’s sexual preference. It’s fucking ridiculous. The rainbow is for gay people, straight people, people who don’t have sex, kids, animals, everything.” If you’ve seen photos of Taz, you know that anything goes, and lack of color is not an option. “A guy won’t wear shorts above his knees because he’s scared of what people think. Like who the fuck dresses for other people? Why are you spending all this money so that you can look like somebody else?” Puzzled and passionate, Arnold settles for a minute to regain his composure and then softly stakes his claim. “The main thing is this – I’m taking the rainbow back.”

A look at his collection and it’s clear that Taz is serious. Rihanna and other celebrities have been sporting the colorful molded plastic knuckle rings, so by way of TISA, Hollywood chicks are now wearing “Love” across their fingers. An idea that sat in his mind for five years, the brand has allowed Arnold to introduce a range of products.

“I’m a person who will be bringing new things in the form of products; it’s not just clothes and apparel.” With TISA, like Taz, it’s more of a concept – one that equates to freedom and simply not giving a damn. “I don’t care about this fashion shit. I dress how I dress because that’s what I do. If you need my advice, or if you want to hire me to consult or utilize the TISA platform than let’s do business.” And fashion heads have been quick to tap into Arnold’s creative eye, including Phenomenon, (a brand that’s just starting to catch on that Arnold describes as “very dope”), another collection with MCM coming out for spring and summer and, as mentioned before, the much anticipated Pastelle line.

For More On This Feature Purchase Issue #92

Husalah Dead a Publicity stunt?

Alot of rumors on net were spreading that Bay Area Rapper Husalah was reported dead and had been stabbed. Here is he shutting those rumors to rest. But it seems like it was just plea for attention because days after the rumor he’s back on the streets released from prison. Thats a bad way to get record sales.

video from World star hip

Sneaker files Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson

Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson

June 25th 2009 is a day we will never forget, the day when pop star Michael Jackson passed away. Michael Jackson started his career at a young age, and has truly revolutionized the world of music. Our previous post was bitter sweet, bitter because a man died before his time, but sweet because many of the Sneaker Files readers came together to embrace the phenomenal singer.

Moving on, I am sure everyone of us can remember trying to do the moonwalk in our socks on the kitchen floor, or another one of Micheal’s moves. Hits like Thriller, Billie Jean, and Bad are amongst the many greats released. My personal all time favorite is Billie Jean, and coming in a close second is Beat It.

What Michael Jackson has accomplished and changed in the music industry is too much to list here. MTV probably would not be what it is today without Michael Jackson and the list of hits. As well, MJ was the first African American to have his music video aired on MTV.

Since we are a dedicated sneaker website, we will show Michael Jackson’s influence in the sneaker world, including his own line of LA Gears. Please share your thoughts, feelings, and what you remember. And please, lets think and talk about the good times of MJ. The first MJ many of us looked up to first. Below, we have a video behind the scenes with the two Michael Jordan and Jackson working on the music video “Jam”, plus sneakers from his LA Gear line.

Brian Betschart Founder

Michael Jackson La Gear Street Magic High
Michael Jackson La Gear Street Magic High

Michael Jackson LA Gear Bad
Michael Jackson LA Gear Bad

Michael Jackson LA Gear Billie
Michael Jackson LA Gear Billie

Michael Jackson LA Gear Commercial – Beach

Leroy Smith – Limited Edition T-Shirts Collection

Leroy Smith   Limited Edition T Shirts Collection

Self proclaimed “Mastvator” and the man who “made” Michael Jordan, Leroy Smith, launched a t-shirt collection bearing the antics of this motivation superstar.  A total of  four t-shirt designs, each in limited quantities, now available at selected retailers across U.S.  Chose from “Motivize Pulverize Realize” tee, 3 of the many pillars of Smith’s teaching, to the “Leroy Halftone” tee with his official title, Mastvator.  But our favorite is the “I Was Motivized” in bold gold foil print.  The exclusive Leroy Smith T-Shirt Collection is now on sale at MAJOR DC and a few selected retailers. VIA

1426 Wisconsin Avenue NW | Map
Washington D.C. 20007

Leroy Smith - Halftone T-ShirtLeroy Smith – Halftone T-Shirt
Leroy Smith - Ripped T-ShirtLeroy Smith – Ripped T-Shirt
Leroy Smith - Motivize Pulverize Realize T-ShirtLeroy Smith – Motivize Pulverize Realize T-Shirt
Leroy Smith - I Was Motivized T-ShirtLeroy Smith – I Was Motivized T-Shirt

Neff “Long Live The King” T-Shirt

neff-michael-jackson-t-shirt-0-540x360 Neff Long Live The King T-Shirt

As I’m sure you have heard, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. We are all deeply saddened by the tragic loss of this extraordinary music legend. To pay tribute to this music icon, Neff has produced a Michael Jackson Tee titled “Long Live the King” in two colorways. Unlike some of the tackier R.I.P. MJ shirts we’ve seen, this one does some justice to the King of Pop’s legendary career. via HIGHSNOB

Michael Jackson’s memory lives on through his music.