Clothing line Shortypop is on the roll building a fan base all over country. As you can see their logo is the red box and white letters , yea resembles supreme’s logo but whats the big deal. All over the internet shortypop has been getting flack about the logo saying its a knock supreme and it took supreme years to get where they at now . Its a fuckin LOGO get over it and im sure you all have the alife logo yea its just like supremes logo so are you gonna cry, Purple-Cuffs supports Shortypop and everything there doing.



One comment on “WHY HATE SHORTYPOP


    I did a shoot for the line shortypop
    During the shoot and in the process of my covering my breast, some shots were taken with my nipples showing, by accident. The photographer went ahead without my permission and published the photos in a LookBook and on the website of the clothing line http://www.shortypop.com.
    When I asked him about the photos he simply told me “photos went to printer-too late, sorry”. So Im simply agreeing that shortypop should stopped. Im in the process of maybe suing them and informing as many people as i can about what they do.

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