Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry dies at age

The football world is stunned today after 26 year old Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was reported dead.

Bengals wide reciever Chris Henry with his finace and children.

Henry was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after falling out of a moving truck in what authorities are calling a domestic dispute.

Henry was rushed to a North Carolina hospital after being found on a residential road with what police described as “life-threatening injuries.”

The Detroit Free Press reports that police suspect that the dispute began about a half a mile from where Henry was found after Henry proceeded to jump in to the bed of a moving truck being driven by his fiance. Police say that after Henry fell from the truck and suffered sever head trauma.

Claims are circulating that just before Henry suffered his injury the couple were out shopping for wedding rings and planning the details of their future wedding. Chris Henry’s fiance, Loleini Tonga was questioned by the police but has not been charged with any crime.

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