Diddy throws son justin the sweetest sixteen…and check the gift

When you’re the first born son of SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS, nothing is ever small. So you KNOW the moment we heard about Justin Combs sweet sixteen, we all waited to see what magical fly ish would take place…And boy did it ever.

Filmed for MTV’s Sweet Sixteen (as was older brother and Comb’s step-son Quincy’s), Justin’s theme was ‘Prince of New York’

As Justin arrived at M2 night club in NYC with none other than NICKI MINAJ on his arm, who also kicked off show with a performance. JIM JONES, TREY SONGZ and G-DEP (I have no idea where he came from but hey) also performed. And while Justin’s mommy, stylist Misa Hylton-Brimm looked on, Diddy and LIL KIM serenaded the teen with Happy Birthday.

TREY SONGZ hit the stage and as some of you might’ve heard, in light of the recent crisis in Haiti, Diddy asked that party-goers skipped gifts for Justin and instead bring donations for WYCLEF’S charity. But in a surprising moment of the night, Justin donated $100,000 of his own money (yes, Justin has $100k) to Yele to help in recovery efforts.

So now, the question everyone’s been waiting for…What did Daddy Diddy get his son?

A Maybach of course….Duh. Of course we’re assuming the whip, which retails (after an approval process and a waiting list) for about $358,000, will come with it’s own driver…at least we hope. Cause I know how rough I was on my first car.

And of course guests didn’t leave empty-handed. Gift bags were handed out that included Sean John track jackets, ‘I Am Prince’ t-shirts and computer jump drives.


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