We Are The World 25 For Haiti – Official Video


New Spring Good Conduct Tees!


Good Conduct is back with some new hot tee’s for the masses just been added to the shop. Be sure to cop yours today at Goodconductnyc.com

You ouggtah know:Carrot Clothing

We here at Purple-Cuffs just love the drive and the determination from new clothing line’s, Carrot Clothing show’s that drive. If you know PurpleCuffs you know that we’re from the S.F. BayArea CA a place thats unique and different in alot of ways it wasnt hard to become of a fan of Carrot Clothing, a brand so unique . With a street rebellious style like no other with some hot original tee’s Carrot Clothing is quickly making a name for them selves.Carrot Clothing Definitely have the support of Purple-Cuffs, i see this brand becoming bigger than it’s all ready is. Be on the lookout for Caroot Clothing ®.

PurpleCuffs XCarrot Clothing Callabo? Hey you never kno.
Find Them At Carrotclothing.net
About Carrot Clothing
Carrot Clothing is a safe-house for revolutionary minds and designs. Formed in Serbia in the late 90s, a period of intense political uphevals, this should come as no surprise.

In an effort to uplift lagging spirits and voice personal concerns about freedom and human rights, founder and designer, Alex Gligorich, began printing t-shirts featuring anti-war messages for family and friends. This move, though courageous, landed him in jail and at the mercy of unforgiving local authorities for spreading alleged “terrorist” policies. Since then, he has regrouped and joined forces with internationally recognized skateboarders, street artists, and other creative minds to establish Carrot Clothing, a brand whose very essence is based upon the underdog, family relationships between art, skate and street communities. Despite its two short years, Carrot is already being globally-recognized as a life style brand in more than 20 countries, having appeared in countless magazines and websites. Past Carrot contributors have included such art stars as ESPO, Superblast, 123Klan, Michael Sieben, Jim Philips, Dalek, Ben Frost, Esteban Oriol, Morningbreath, with many more to come.

Carrot promises to continue its jurney with the hope of inspiring people in the same way that they themselves have been inspired by the remarkable feats of others.

New York Fashion Week | DKNY Fall 2010

Mixing suiting and streetwear, DKNY gets in touch with their urban side this season. Dark and somber, the collection bundles up for fall’s initial cold, looking to quilting and mountain boots to set the tone. Meanwhile, pleated trousers are slightly baggy and suitable for all occassions, not only giving DKNY’s man a city edge, but a modern grace. Effortlessly dressed head to toe, fall’s collection hits the right note for both the style aficionado and the everyday man. via- thefashionisto.com

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