Breaking News! IPhone 4G | Gizmodo Preview

Breaking News! iPhone 4G | Gizmodo Preview

By chance, accident or predestination, someone stumbled upon the new forbidden Apple– a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 4G. This person found the new prototype at a bar in Redwood city, picked it up and brought it to Gizmodo for a hands-on dissection, unveiling some new key changes and specs. Since the news of the iPhone 4G was announced a while ago, Apple fans, fanatics and evangelists and even the skeptical have been craning their necks to see what the new iPhone 4G could possibly be. Here, Gizmodo reveals some key differences which sets it apart from the previous generations of iPhones, which includes, a front-facing video check camera, an improved regular back-camera (with a bigger lens and flash), uses micro-SIM like the iPad, a flat back and an aluminum border.

All the tweaks and changes aside, the iPhone 4G will be headed for Verizon, departing from its old home at AT&T. Before you start to doubt the authenticity of this iPhone prototype, since Gizmodo is no stranger to inaccurate leaks and false tips, the folks at Gizmodo has come up with a list of reasons as to why they believe this prototype is real after playing with it for a week. First off, there was indeed a lost prototype reported from Apple and the Apple folks want it back. Next, the person who found the phone mentioned that it was running on the iPhone OS 4.0 before the official announcement. Then, Apple killed the firmware remotely before Gizmodo had a chance to play with it. Of course, aside from other small tell tale signs, the biggest and most concrete evidence was that when the folks at Gizmodo opened up the phone, they discovered multiple components labeled APPLE. Check out exclusive images and videos from Gizmodo detailing the new iPhone 4G picked up from a bar at Redwood. Enjoy, because someone at Apple is probably atoning for his or her sins at the moment for quelling our curiosity. via: Gizmodo

While Apple may tinker with the final packaging and design of the final phone, it’s clear that the features in this lost-and-found next-generation iPhone are drastically new and drastically different from what came before. Here’s the detailed list of our findings:

What’s new
• Front-facing video chat camera
• Improved regular back-camera (the lens is quite noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS)
• Camera flash
• Micro-SIM instead of standard SIM (like the iPad)
• Improved display. It’s unclear if it’s the 960×640 display thrown around before—it certainly looks like it, with the “Connect to iTunes” screen displaying much higher resolution than on a 3GS.
• What looks to be a secondary mic for noise cancellation, at the top, next to the headphone jack
• Split buttons for volume
• Power, mute, and volume buttons are all metallic

What’s changed
• The back is entirely flat, made of either glass (more likely) or ceramic or shiny plastic in order for the cell signal to poke through. Tapping on the back makes a more hollow and higher pitched sound compared to tapping on the glass on the front/screen, but that could just be the orientation of components inside making for a different sound
• An aluminum border going completely around the outside
• Slightly smaller screen than the 3GS (but seemingly higher resolution)
• Everything is more squared off
• 3 grams heavier
• 16% Larger battery
• Internals components are shrunken, miniaturized and reduced to make room for the larger battery


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