Jimmy Choo The Sneaker Collection

4523 i1 jimmy First Look: Jimmy Choo The Sneaker Collection

Some luxury brands remain under lock and key (Balenciaga’s new ad campaign, which asks “Are you on the list?” and shows you a bag, comes to mind).  But lately, Jimmy Choo has done some major outreach, convincing every girl with a will and a way that they can score a pair of Tamara Mellon’s dream heels.

First there was the H&M collaboration, which sold Jimmy platforms and stilettos for under $200 each.  Then came partnerships with Hunter and UGG,  embracing women who refuse to wear heels (or at least, wear them while walking in the rain and snow).

And now?  They’ve got a range of sneakers.  Announced in January, the kicks aren’t for sale yet, but a full set of images just hit our inbox.  They’re patent leather, matte metallic leather, or snakeskin, and available in high top (“The Tokyo”) and low top (“The Miami”).

But although the shoes are accessible to feet of all temperaments (after all, who can’t rock a sneaker?), they’re clearly meant for a rich girl: when they debut this summer, each pair will sell for about $600…


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