Talent Of The Week Hip Hop Edition: NHT BOYZ

Name: NHT BOYZ (No Home Training)

Location:Oakland, California

Hip hop music is a style of popular music that came into existence in the mid 70’s and is now a large part of modern day pop culture. It consisted of two main components, an emcee (MC) and a disc jockey (DJ). The DJ would spin records while mixing the audio to scratches and big drum beats, while the MC would deliver whitty and clever lyrics that rhymed in ways unimaginable. In 2006, rap music was the second most popular form of music in the United States. Hip Hop has evolved over the past three decades. However in its evolution, some regions, cities, have become stagnated by its sound and culture. Enter NO HOME TRAIN’N (NhT), “It’s Time for a Change”.

NhT is a make up of four versatile lyricist. Nicholas Wallace b.k.a. “Nikatine”, Deante Wallace b.k.a. “Knowledge”, William Adams b.k.a. “Young Beast” and Ahkeem Bluitt b.k.a. “Lil Black”. NhT is a not your ordinary rap group, they consist of family and friends. Each member has a different style and flow to enhance each track.

Having been raised on the streets of Oakland, California, NhT’s music is a soundtrack for the streets. It’s gritty, grimy, and versatile. NhT speaks to the Hyphy generation known in the Bay Area. Considered the National Hyphy Team, NhT delivers various styles of hip hop that will allow their growth in the music industry.

With their upcoming freshman album release, “Time for A Change”, NhT will brand themselves as a breathe of fresh air to the hip hop community of Oakland, California. Their current single “Where I’m From”, has many in the Bay Area music scene on their toes with anticipation. The production, arrangement, and lyrics on the single definitely defines the title of the album. It is a “Time for A Change”.

Read more:http://www.myspace.com/nhtboyz


5 comments on “Talent Of The Week Hip Hop Edition: NHT BOYZ

  1. I have to say they came correct with their songs , most bay area songs are complete crap

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