Steph Cop x Feiyue 10N28E Sneakers

steph cop feiyue sneakers Steph Cop x Feiyue 10N28E Sneakers

For the third time, Steph Cop has teamed up with Feiyue on a special collaboration project. In his first collaboration, the revolutionary street artist introduced his trademark Wooden Aro character and iconic chainsaw graphic to the 10N28E – a stylishly uncluttered shoe, unlike any other. It would seem only natural then that Steph turn to Feiyue to conclude the story of Aro, before leaving his wooden creation and moving on to new creative pastures. Introducing the new look 10N28E. With a bold design and fresh color palette, this special sneaker symbolizes the relationship between the artist, the wood and his chainsaw. What’s more, accompanying each pair is a limited edition Aro toy, in one of five striking colors, so you can ensure the legend of Aro lives on. Look for these through the Feiyue website.

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