Brooklyn Bandit Denim Autmn Winter LOOKBOOK

NEW YORK, NY, September 1, 2010- After being a denim aficionado for years and owning dozens of Roca-wear, LRG and generic street wear jeans, Bandit saw what was missing in the jeans he wore: quality and couture design. The designs were not unique or different, and the fitting was a generic loose fit. It seemed as if all brands imitated each other which left the industry bland and thirsty for fresh designs.

In late 2008, after perfecting designs and fits for months, Brooklyn Bandit released their first official denim collection in November of 2009. In just a few short weeks, denim devotees across the globe recognized the immaculate quality and well designed denim that Brooklyn Bandit was bringing to the table. The fans appreciated the attention that BKB gives to small details in every style, and helped push the brand to top seller status on, where they remained for a few months! Brooklyn Bandit also styled numerous celebrities, including R&B sensation Trey Songz.  Trey wore a few different pairs of Brooklyn Bandits on different occasions, including in the Blueprint 3 concert in Atlanta . BKB even made a couple of appearances on the TV network, BET. Not bad, especially considering it was their début collection!

As the Bandit movement continues it’s mission to be unparallel on the street wear market, the pressure to release incredible denim is on. Brooklyn Bandit knows with this new line, not only did they deliver on their promise, but they out did any other jeans brand. The collection boasts 5 new designs, each with an exceptional specialty. The collections includes everything from raw denim, whisker washed denim, to jeans with authentic full grain leather. The difference between BKB and the rest is that they focus strictly on denim. BKB dedicates all of their time to bring the best jeans to you and they promise to stay dedicated and bring you the best for years to come.  Sophisticated street-wear is here to stay, as far asBrooklyn Bandit is concerned.



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