About us

The Birth

PurpleCuffs came about on a hot sticky Bay Area day in 2008.  A streetwear label designed for the men & women of the streets and by the men & women of the streets. It brings together elements of the lifestyle of the urban underground world of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a street wear brand for all the rebels out there in the streets and suburbs of America. PurpleCuffs is not a brand that try to have deep meaning behind it we’re just doing something we love and that’s street wear, At PurpleCuffs Clothing, we are determined to deliver consistent quality clothing and visionary designs. Design inspiration for the label is literally from the streets of  Bay Area from friends and its clubs, secret hang-out spots and smoke-filled parties, making PurpleCuffs equal parts chic, smart-mouthed, and definitely not-to-be-messed with. No doubt it’s all Bay Area attitude. Love PurpleCuffs, hate it, stalk its every move, it inspires opinions because more than just a clothing label, it’s a lifestyle that speaks to style-confident ppl everywhere. Whether a PurpleCuffs tee, hoodie, blog or photo shoot, everything has the PCSF crew’s attitude, charm and appeal stamped all over it.

-Johnny Rocket & Crew

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