Creative Recreation Cesario Rainboots

Creative Recreation Cesario Rainboots

With just a simple application of rubberized fabrics, Creative Recreation created a hybrid of a sort with the best traits of both worlds. The new Cesario Rainboots/Sneakers convey the comfort of your usual sneakers. And if and when the weather turns sour, it acts as a fully functional rainboots. Comes in shades of Black/Grey, Red/Maroon, and Green/Olive, all with a contrast neon yellow outsole along with off white sidewall for flare.  Available for $100 US at select retail locations now.


Creative Recreation Cesario Rainboots


Creative Recreation for Barneys New York 2010 Spring Footwear

creative recreation barneys new york 2010 spring footwear Creative Recreation for Barneys New York 2010 Spring Footwear

Having built a solid reputation and strong following throughout the past few years, Creative Recreation continues its onward march with a new set of colorways for Spring 2010, offered on three of the brand’s more popular styles. Both the Cesario and Testa, as well as the Dicoco, receive special color makeups, all being made exclusive to Barneys New York. A release is scheduled for this coming week, with retail set a $130-135 USD.